If you missed out on your favorite kitten, please sign up on our waiting list to reserve your place in line for the kitten of your dreams! After the kittens are posted for sale, you will be able to reserve your cuteness and the $350.00 deposit is applied to price of kitten.  Save your place in line today!

King Beamer 

​Powderpuff Persians

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Doll-face and Peke face Persian kittens for sale!

Teacup Persian kittens for sale.

Our goal is to provide you with a healthy, luxury kitten that you will have for a very long time as your best friend and companion!

​Chinchilla Silver Persian kittens for sale.

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Shipping-Contact Us

Due to the recent horror stories I PREFER to deliver my kittens personally, or have you pick them up at our airport.  However, I will ship if necessary.

 Note: I do not ship, but will deliver, to international locations.


The cost is the price of my airfare and the kittens airfare, plus an additional $150.  Approximately $350-$450 total.  Prices ARE subject to change according to date and times of delivery.

I am very flexible!

  Note: Two kittens fly for the price of one!!

 These prices include all requirements for Shipping:

airfares, carrier, carrier pad-liner, attached water dish, current Health Certificate from the vet and anything else necessary to safely ship your pet comfortably.  

I have had wonderful results with every kitten I have shipped.  That is my personal experience with shipping kittens.  That is not to say that it is easy on them to fly alone in the cargo.  That is where they put them, obviously pressurized.  I do try to ship the kittens during good weather ONLY.

 I will ship your kitten for around $400, but can NOT guarantee it will get there safely, as they are no longer under my care.

Should you decide to go ahead and use the shipping service:

Using a shipping service voids the  contract.  However, you will have a current (within 10 days) health guarantee from my vet, that is required for kitten to fly, stating that the kitten was healthy at time of departure.  Once the kitten is given to the Pet Shipping Service, we are no longer responsible for the kitten in any way.  

Kitten will not ship until all funds have cleared our bank account and contract has been signed and returned to me. WE DO NOT REFUND MONEY FOR KITTENS!! Once they leave our cattery, we can not refund for any reason. Please read your contract carefully!

Bugatti Powderpuff Queen

Powderpuff Queen Lexus


Blue point future Queen

​McLaren Fluffypuff

​Shaded Silver kittens for sale.

​Shaded Silver

Future Queen

Blue point 

McLaren Fluffypuff

​CFA Registered Persian kittens for sale.

Our breeding program specializes in The Fancy Feast bloodlines and carefully selected Grand Champion bloodlines to create our own Healthy, Unique, One-of-a-kind kittens with very sweet purrrsonalities. 

Let my kittens complement your decor!

Powderpuff Persians!


Doll-faced Persian kittens for sale in Indiana.  

CFA Registered-Grand Champion Fancy Feast bloodlines!

Please click "available kittens" link at the top of this page for pictures, descriptions & pricing of our cats and kittens.

The KITTENS on this page are kittens from our previous litters.  Please visit the available kittens page for our kittens that are currently available.  

Lilac point future Queen

​Maserati Mazzy Star

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​Powderpuff Queen Bugatti

Queen Porsche of Powderpuff Persians


Teacup Kittens 



 ​Specializing in Chinchilla Silver Teacup kittens!  

Coming in 2018: Himilayans!!  Including The Very Rare Chocolate and Lilac point Himilayan Persian kittens from our

Powderpuff Grand Champion bloodlines!


References available upon request.​  About US

Future Queen

Frost/Lilac Point Himilayan

Maserati Mazzy Star

Our kittens are from the Famous Grand Champion Fancy Feast bloodlines!

Future King Lambo Fluffypuff

Chocolate point Himilayan Persian

Powderpuff Queen Mercedes

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Please click the "available kittens" LINK  for available kittens!!

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FIV AND FELV Negative Cattery

Chinchilla Silver Persian kittens for sale.

​Shaded Silver Persian kittens for sale.

​Future Queen White Ferrari

Future King ​Lambo Fluffypuff


Coming soon in 2018 we should be having some VERY RARE Chocolate and Lilac point Himilayan Persians!

​Powderpuff Queen Tesla

Please check back often for the latest updates!

​Tesla and Frost

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​Powderpuff Queen Lexus

We guarantee our kittens!

PKD, FIV, FeLV, ringworm Negative.

Snuggles guaranteed!!!!