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Filtered cat fountains will encourage kitty to drink more water. Very important for Persians to get plenty of distilled/filtered clean water daily.

CATS LOVE A CAT TREE!  I love it because most hair will end up there instead of elsewhere.



  Matt to stand on during bath for a non-slip grip


The following information is a guideline for kitten care that may help you with your new kitten.

Spay or Neuter:

All kittens need to be spayed/neutered BEFORE 6 months of age.  To comply with our contract, you must forward to me a picture/copy of your receipt stating the kitten was altered.   I will respond with CFA Registration papers for you to register your kitty.  Unaltered cats are prone to cancer and normally do not live as long! 

We do NOT sell breeding rights!  


Kitty will be up to date on vaccinations, deworming, and is parasite free.  Parasite tests are done on a regular basis in our cattery.   Your kitty may need additional vaccinations, depending on the age you take kitty home.  Annual Rabies vaccination at age recommended by your vet.  Please get the yearly Rabies shot versus the 3-year shot, if possible.  Deworm at the same time.  Then, an annual trip to the Veterinarian for Rabies and booster shots, deworming, and a wellness exam will be required.  I highly recommend micro-chipping.   Persian cats have to be kept indoors.  However, accidents happen and doors can come open.  Micro-chipping will provide you peace of mind, it's basically painless and it's very affordable.

Feeding kitty:

Our kittens are fed a variety of foods.  Some kittens prefer one brand over another and if they like it, they get it!  However, I always introduce a new variety slowly!!! Rachel Ray Nutrish, Purina Pro Plan, Royal Canin, and Original Instinct foods are on the menu at Powderpuff Persians!  We like to offer canned food at least once per day for the adults and three to five times a day as kittens.  Persians need the moisture in the wet food. I highly recommend sprinkling a small pinch (according to directions) of taurine, lysine), omega 3's, and a GOOD probiotic such as goat YOGURT or forti-flora, all mixed in with the WET food. My Powderpuffs are spoiled!!  I also like to freeze chicken broth in ice cube trays to add to their food.  This always encourages cats to drink more liquid, as Persians are prone to having kidney problems. That is why you should only buy PKD negative cats.  ALL of our adult cats have been tested and are NEGATIVE for PKD.  This is an easy genetic test if you want to have it done.  I highly recommend a charcoal filtered water fountain, such as Drinkwell or Catit, which also encourages drinking more liquid and they LOVE moving water!  Note: The stainless steel fountains are the easiest to keep clean.  Every 2 weeks you change the filter!  IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO CLEAN THE FOUNTAIN EVERY TWO WEEKS THOROUGHLY, as bacteria starts to grow and is dangerous to the kitty.   

We strive to be a natural homeopathic, organic, and grain-free cattery!  Therefore,  we are firm believers in Young Living products and love all the pet products they have to offer.  My puffs love the treats so much I have to hide the bag in the cabinet to keep them from chewing the bag open!  The Young Living product for cats called, T Away, is for calming and works great during stressful situations like travel or alone time.  For more information on these or other great Young Living products, please visit:  

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 Your kitty can be stressed from being outside or the ride in the car. Take treats and put the kitty in a pet carrier in the front floorboard or strapped in car seat.  Talking to them helps calm them.  Travel can subject them to diseases, parasites and airborne illnesses, so be sure all vaccinations are always up to date.  Try to keep trips to a minimum by having kitty groomed at the vet's office, after yearly vaccinations.   Before traveling, I like to add one drop of Young Living T-Away pet oil drops behind the ear.  This product truly relaxes the cats and can be reapplied 2 or 3 times over the duration of a stressful trip, if necessary.  Also, you can add Feliway spray to the carriers 20 minutes before travel time to calm or wipe kitty with a Feliway wipe prior to departure.  When traveling, most importantly, don't forget to put a stay- dry pad in the bottom of the carrier, just in case.  They work like a diaper if kitty has an accident.  

 One last thing on travel: if you have more than one cat, take them all to the vet or spa at the same time, so that they all have the same scents from the excursion.  After you return home, leave them side-by-side in the carriers for 1 hour and rub a dab of tuna juice on them just before releasing them together.  Take my word for it, there is more to this than you might think!! Cats are fickle.

Litter box recommendations: 

The main thing to remember is to give some thought, prior to kitty arriving at your new home, as to where you will want the litter box long term.  The idea is to put it somewhere that is quiet and out of the way.  I like to diffuse Young Living

T-Away calming product next to the litter box, to create a stress-free atmosphere so that kitty is comfortable and has a private experience.  Ha!

Next, I highly recommend a Litter-Robot if you have the means to do so!  There is NO COMPARISON to my knowledge!!  Our cats love them and WOW does it cut down on the amount of litter!! My poor UPS man was looking pretty buff.  Ha!  It's Amazing how little of litter it uses and the box is AlWAYS clean!  I love it because the holding tank is huge for multiple cats and the smell is GONE!    We started with the hooded Scoopfree automatic litter box with crystal litter. It was nice and better than the old fashion kind, but is a little messier and not nearly as good at cutting down on odor and Scoopfree uses a lot of litter!  These are pretty good if you only have one or two cats.  The automatic boxes help prevent kitty from accidentally stepping in poo and therefore your home is cleaner.   To keep the odor down in the Scoopfree automatic box, I ended up scooping daily.  Not with Litter Robot!  You change the bag when the light is flashing full.  So easy!  

Regardless of the box you chose, your kitty comes litter box trained to use the Litter Robot!  If you only have one cat you could literally deal with your litter box every 3 to 4 weeks!   Dirty litter boxes will cause disease, please keep kitty happy and clean!  We have tried ALL options and find the automatic litter boxes to be the cleanest and with the least amount of odor, especially with multiple long-haired cats.  We use the Young Living Thieves cleaner to disinfect and naturally clean our boxes monthly and YoungLiving detergent to wash all the cat blankets.  I love that the Young Living all natural products are pet-friendly.   I have peace of mind knowing the products are made in the USA and they work!

New beginnings:

When you get your kitten home and you need to do something other than love on the kitty, I recommend you put him in a small room with a heating pad, food/water and his litter box.  Offer food and water as far from the litter box as possible!  He will come out gradually to explore.  Introduce him to your home slowly, especially if you have other pets, children, or a large home.  Be careful about falls from a balcony or steps.  He will need to learn his way around slowly. Offer plenty of treats and talk to him/her soft and loving.  You will have a friend for life!


ALWAYS COMB ALL MATS AND TANGLES FROM THE KITTY BEFORE BATHING and THINNING SHEARS work much better than scissors!  I recommend a metal long- tooth comb.  I start your baby young when it comes to hygiene.  Your kitty will be given a weekly bath with Young Living pet shampoo or Dawn dishwashing liquid, depending on how soiled he is, and is already used to daily combing and face cleaning to help him learn that it's a routine that has to be done.  This will be a quick 2 minutes of your time once you get in a routine.  Remember, always STAY CALM if kitty gets scared or nervous and talk to him/her while you are inspecting and grooming.  

 Daily hygiene includes:  using a cotton round to wipe the eyes with water-soaked or Bausch and Lomb ( with boric acid ) eye cleanser, remove hair mats that can cause skin infections, check for a dirty bottom/feet, and I like to wrap them in a towel while I am working with them.  Wrapping seems to comfort them and they can't wiggle away from me.  If you groom on a regular basis, they may learn to enjoy it and will depend on you for it!  

A minimum of 2 baths per month is recommended. You should be able to handle giving your kitty a bath if you start when it's young.  Put cotton in the ears to prevent water entering the ears, which can cause infection.  After the bath, add ONE drop of ear cleaning solution (from the vet) to help dry out the ear.  Apply some on a cotton round and wipe the inside of the ear to clean.  PLEASE! Absolutely no running water in the face!  Warm wet washcloths work much better!  REMEMBER, Just ONE drop of water inhaled can cause pneumonia. 

Dawn dishwashing liquid is great for the first shampoo, followed by a good pet shampoo such as Young Living pet shampoo.  When I find good products that I trust, I am loyal to them.  I like to offer catnip and Young Living treats to calm before and after the bath.  Most of my cats enjoy their bath, provided I talk to them and comfort them with praises.  I'm also EXTREMELY careful with the water temperature and use a rubber mat for them to stand on, in the sink. The mat gives them a sense of security to prevent slipping.   Make sure to get kitten COMPLETELY DRY and make sure that the blow dryer doesn't get too hot on the skin.  Persians have very thin skin and cannot tolerate heat that is too high or having their hair pulled.  Lastly, be sure to use your nail file and dull the nails.

Most cats love to be combed in short grooming sessions.  It is VERY important to be EASY when combing!!  I try to comb ours when they are ready to snuggle, or just after waking up.  They love to be combed slowly with lots of petting and praises for being good.  A couple of hairball or lysine treats afterward is always a good reward!  A lion's shave/cut can be cute, especially if you're needing a break from combing.  

Caution: Some cats never fully regain their coats once they've been shaved!

I like to allow them to hide their face and start drying the tail end first.  After I have them looking fabulous, I love for my cats to smell beautiful and always add a light spritz of perfume behind the ears where they can't reach to lick.  They will depend on you to keep them looking and smelling like Royalty! 


Preparing for kitty:

Persians absolutely MUST be kept indoors!  However, they really enjoy sitting in their window seats or the cat tree while they stare outside at the birds. They love a screened in porch!  A cat tree is a MUST HAVE and your kitty will spend hours lounging on it!  We try to plant trees and bushes outside our windows and hang bird feeders to attract the birds, so they can enjoy watching them.  

We are very careful about the types of houseplants that we keep.  Houseplants, such as Lilies or Poinsettas, can be poisonous to cats or cause allergies.  Research the things cats are highly allergic to so that you are familiar and can cat proof your home before kitty gets there!  We try to do everything to assure that our cats will be with us for as long as possible!


Toys and exercise are always important for your kitty.  Chasing the laser light is a big hit in our home, along with feathers, golf tees, and the cat fishing pole.  If you play with a laser and you see the kitty panting, it's probably playing too hard and must be allowed to rest!  One of our cats loves the little mice and will actually play fetch.  The more they play, the less they stress!!  Stress equals bad habits and bad health. Toys are a stress reliever for cats!!!  The more you play, the better they feel!! 


We try to keep our cats socialized by encouraging people to enjoy them with us. Cats are proven to be good for your health.  Cats reduce stress, lower blood pressure, decrease chances of stroke, lower allergies when introduced to children at an early age, reduce anxiety, and overall improve human health!   Persians are affectionate and love their people.  They follow you around the house and love to sleep with you! They are wonderful companions for elderly or disabled people as they are always close by and seeking affection.