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​Shaded Silver Persian kittens for sale.

Chinchilla Silver kittens for sale.

Future Queen- Powderpuff Lotus

Powderpuff Maserati 

RARE Lilac Point Himalayan Persian

Doll-faced Persian kittens for sale.

Steven and Lambo

Steven and Colton adore all the Powderpuff kittens.  They help to socialize them at a young age.   They really enjoy playing with them and cuddling with them!

Powderpuff McLaren

Blue Point Himalayan Persian

​King Lambo

​Chocolate Point Himalayan

TEACUP Persian kittens!

​Chinchilla Silver

          HIMALAYAN Kittens Coming spring 2018!!


to include:

The beautiful pointed Himalayan Persian!  We hope to raise the very rare Lilac and Chocolate point Himalayan Persian kittens with vivid blue eyes!!!!  

We offer a variety of colors: seal point and blue point Himalayan, white kittens, and as always our stunning 
Chinchilla and Shaded Silver Persian kittens!!!

We do not guarantee eye color, weight, hearing, or color of the coat.  We breed unique, one of a kind, ultra-rare designer Powderpuff kittens!!! Most of our kittens are teacup sized kittens.  Baby kittens eyes are not fully developed (often the reason for tearing) until around 6 weeks and coat color is usually obtained by 8 weeks old.   We require a signed contract that is available upon request that will assure you of the health of your new kitten.  

Please check back often for the latest updates!


Powderpuff Persians PREFER to use the Litter Robot over all other boxes!  ​

Less litter, less mess, less odor!! Uses regular clumping litter.  Pays for itself in time and much easier.  LARGE holding tank!! Click on the litter robot to get $25 off!

We breed for Health, Type, and Personality.   A Hobby Cattery program breeding to create loving, designer kittens.

Powderpuff Tesla

Blue Point Himalayan Persian with vivid blue eyes!

Powderpuff Lexus

Our kittens are personally delivered and fly first class! Flat fee $500 at an airport near you, in the USA or Canada.

Call or Text 317-508-0376

Colton and Powderpuff Lambo Fluffypuff

RARE Chocolate Point Himalayan Persian



Hello, My name is Susan.  I'm home all day with our cats and I'm the primary caretaker, although Tom (hubs) is good with the treats/play and takes care of the litter.   We both really love our cats and have been trained properly by them. HA!

 We are a small, CFA licensed, hobby cattery offering a variety of colors and specializing in White, Chinchilla Silver and Shaded Silver Persian kittens for sale. Soon, we hope to be raising the rare chocolate Himalayan and Lilac or Frost Himalayans!!  We are located in Cicero, Indiana next to Morse Lake.

   Our cats are like family and share our home with us.  They enjoy being held and they take turns snuggling and most of them sleep with us. We always have at least one kitten/cat on our lap!  If we get the treats, we have them all around us! Ha!  We couldn't imagine living without them.  Bouncing kittens and cuteness everywhere, all the time!  Our goal with our breeding program is to provide the perfect kitten for your family.  A kitten that will make you happy and keep a smile on your face!  We strive to raise sweet, adorable, and healthy kittens!  Our kittens are socialized and trained from day 1, to be a wonderful companion for you.

 Felines are said to be one of the hardest domesticated animals to raise.  We strive to do our best by genetically testing all our adult cats.  The goal is that you will have your kitten for a full life expectancy of a Persian!!  We raise Grand Champion bloodlines that were carefully selected from across the country.  We breed for health, type, and personality!  Some of our immediate Grand Champion bloodlines are direct from Europe.  Also, we have selected the perfect cats to compliment each other to help develop the best qualities in the kittens.  We raise the Famous Fancy Feast Bloodlines of Silvers, along with some very rare and unique designer colors!  We breed to provide families with top quality CFA kittens that are the result of the superb bloodlines, that anyone would be proud to decorate with!!  Ha!  Our bloodlines have been in commercials, on greeting cards, and in movies!!  We have submitted a portfolio here and there and just hoping to get that call someday.  How special would it be for our Powderpuff's to be in a movie, or on TV??!!    

 Placing our kittens with the right family is important to us!  We are very careful when placing our kittens in their forever homes.  The more I know about you and your family the better I will be able to help you select a personality that fits your home.  There is a contract required to be signed upon receiving the kitten, that requires spaying/neutering before 6 months of age.  The contract covers our genetic and health guarantee.  

 We reserve the right not to sell for any reason.  

 We do NOT ship our precious cargo, we hand deliver them.  I will fly the kitten to you for a total charge of $500 at an airport near you!!  This is within the continental USA and Canada and at your convenience and your nearest airport.  Delivery overseas will be at least double the price, depending on the country.

 Accepting: US Dollar, Venmo, and PayPal.  Kittens must be paid in full and cleared with my bank prior to receiving your kitten.  We DO NOT offer any refunds, please DO NOT ASK.  However, we will always accept the cat back and probably rehome the cat again.

 The prices of the kittens for sale may change as the kitten ages and will be determined by color, personality, CFA show standards, type, size, and the number of photo shoots/advertising it has had.  By purchasing or placing a deposit on a kitten, that is locking in the price of that kitten, for that buyer.  If the kitten would become available again, for any reason, the price of that kitten may change.  

All pictures, videos, and written material on this website are the property of Powderpuff Persians and not to be duplicated or reproduced in any way.