After lots of experimenting to find the perfect products for my Powderpuff Persians,  I am now a loyal supporter of the all NATURAL and TOXIC FREE products from the Young Living company.  Our cattery prefers these pet-friendly cleaners over anything else we've tried!  I have peace of mind knowing that the chemicals and parabens are not in Young Living products or pet supplies.  Young LIving has a nice variety of pet products and I have yet to find a product I or they didn't like.  I encourage you to be proactive about your health and the health of your kitty!

 At Powderpuff Persians we give back to our fur friends on a regular basis by donating to local shelters and contributing to many charity events.  In addition, every purchase we make with Young living has a portion that is donated.

In 2015 Young Living was driven by a sense of global stewardship to partner with Vital Ground—a charity for animals that addresses the issue of habitat loss by permanently protecting lands for the benefit of grizzly bears and other wide-ranging wildlife. We are proud to donate a portion of all proceeds from the Animal Scents™ product line sales—including essential oils, dental pet chews, and shampoo—to this like-minded wildlife charity that prioritizes conservation and protection of fragile ecosystems. We are proud to be a part of this wonderful company.  

For more information on Young Living products, there is a link on the kitten care page.   

Dollface Persian kittens for sale.

​Shaded Silver Persian kittens for sale.

Chinchilla Persian kittens for sale.

Blue, Lilac, Chocolate, and Seal Himalayan Persian kittens for sale.

Doll-faced Persian kittens for sale.

Steven and Colton adore all the Powderpuff kittens.  They help to socialize them at a young age.   They really enjoy playing with them and cuddling with them!

Powderpuff Persians PREFER to use the Litter Robot over all other boxes!  ​

Less litter, less mess, less odor!! Uses regular clumping litter.  Pays for itself in time and much easier.  LARGE holding tank!! Click on the litter robot to get $25 off!

Our kittens are personally delivered and fly first class in the cabin! Flat fee of $500 delivered to your nearest airport, in the USA or Canada.

When you buy a kitten from me, I will always be available to help you with any questions or concerns.  


Powderpuff Persians is a small in home CFA licensed Indiana cattery.  Our cats live with us and are our pets first and foremost.  We love them very much! They are spoiled rotten and treated like Royalty!  I feel they make good therapy pets with their loving, calm, and gentle nature.  They are good with children, great with elderly people, and are a big hit with the college students.  I've been told they help with studies!!  HA!  They are simply wonderful companions!! 

Just a little about me...

I grew up on a horse farm and have raised several Champion pedigreed animals in the past.  The love of developing a brand new bloodline is exciting to me!  Years ago, I had show horses and show dogs and I loved competing in the show ring to win!  I no longer show any animals and competing with my cats is not in our future for many reasons.  

Truthfully, my love for pedigreed animals is more about the creating of bloodlines that have the overall look of a Champion animal and a personality to go with it, so raising Grand Champion pedigreed kittens makes me happy.  I'm very PROUD of the Powderpuff Persians bloodlines!  I raise them because I enjoy raising them! I needed something to keep me busy and active.  The bouncing fluff everywhere is fun and entertaining.  And, I love seeing people fall instantly in love with their new kitten!  I feel some people seriously need that extra attention the kitten provides and some people need to nurture and care for them to keep life exciting and rewarding.   I remember how special I felt with each and every one of mine when I brought it home and slept with it the first night.   

I always tell myself that when I'm no longer having fun raising them, I will be done raising them.  I'm glad the people that have bought them from us love them so much that many of them have come back to buy another kitten or two!  People are proud to own my cats and that makes me feel good!  I take pride in my cats and love selecting the bloodlines to carefully create our beautiful, sweet, affectionate doll face Powderpuff kittens! If you are thinking about adding one of my kittens to your family, I encourage you to do so as soon as possible.  You will be glad you did!!

I enjoy getting to know the new owners and helping them to select their purrrfect kitten that will fit well with their new family.  I spend all day caring for and playing with the kittens so they are ready when the time comes.  I really get to know them and their individual personalities.  I teach them to take a bath, use the litter box, and chase the laser pointer or play with the feathers.  My nephew's and grandson help socialize them.  They are a bundle of fun and I always miss them when they leave, but never forget any of them.  I really love when the new family sends me updated pictures.  I love featuring them on my Powderpuff Persians Facebook page and on this website, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram as well.  

Raising kittens is not easy.  They can be very expensive to raise properly and the heartache at times makes me question why I put myself through it.  The happiness they bring outweighs the trouble and heartache though. Breeding pedigreed cats to create the purrrfect companion animal that is gorgeous and impressively friendly is my way of sharing some love! 

We do not guarantee eye color, weight, hearing, or color of the coat.  We breed unique, one of a kind, ultra-rare designer Powderpuff kittens!!! Most of our kittens are teacup sized kittens.  Baby kittens eyes are not fully developed (often the reason for tearing) until around 6 weeks and coat color is usually obtained by 8 weeks old.   We require a signed contract that is available upon request that will assure you of the health of your new kitten.  

Please check back often for the latest updates!

Powderpuff Lexus

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Chinchilla Silver kittens for sale.

​King Lambo

​Chocolate Point Himalayan

TEACUP Persian kittens!

​Chinchilla Silver

Powderpuff Tesla

Blue Point Himalayan Persian with vivid blue eyes!

Colton and Powderpuff Lambo Fluffypuff

RARE Chocolate Point Himalayan Persian


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Powderpuff Maserati 

RARE Lilac Point Himalayan Persian

          HIMALAYAN Persian Kittens for sale!!

The beautiful pointed Himalayan Persian!  We hope to raise the very rare Lilac and Chocolate point Himalayan Persian kittens with vivid blue eyes!!!!  

We offer a variety of colors: seal point and blue point Himalayan, white, and as always the stunning Chinchilla and Shaded Silver Persian kittens!!!

We breed for Health, Type, and Personality.   A Hobby Cattery program breeding to create loving, designer kittens.