All kittens in this pic are sold.  The pic serves as an example of what some of my kittens look like.  You can also visit our adopted kittens page for more pictures of sold kittens.

 Should I get one kitten or two?/

There are many wonderful advantages of getting two kittens at the same time!  Doing so will keep them from getting lonely while you are at work or traveling.  They will always have someone to play with! Also, most cats will help groom each other.   Note that Timing is everything to assure your kittens get along!  Kittens that grow up together are already bonded.  


 If you make the decision to buy two kittens from me at the same time, you will get a $150 discount from the combined total.  The kittens will have bonded together by the time they are weaned.  They adjust better to their new family and if the family is away they can comfort one another.

 Plus, who can stop with just one Persian??? Ha!

Once you go Persian,

there's no other version.

Maserati-not for sale

Ready for their new home April 18!!



DOB: 02-07-18




DOB: 02-07-18


Lotus-not for sale

What type litter box??

The litter robot is worth every penny! Clean less, Less litter, less mess, AND less odor!!!  Powderpuff Persians highly recommend this litter box ! 

Click on the litter robot to get  

$25 off!

​I WUV you this much!

  Now accepting $500 down payment deposits via PayPal or Venmo.  Payable to  

All funds must be cleared before taking kitten home!!  No refunds for any reason.   Kittens may be reserved by Powderpuff Persians until older to determine show/breeder/pet quality.  These kittens may become available later.  Prices are subject to change as the kittens develop and their true color, personality, and type start to become more apparent.  Once you place your deposit on a kitten the price will not change.  Your deposit will be deducted from the balance.  

Should you decide to buy a kitten from me, you can be assured that I will always be available to help you with any concerns.  Feel free to call or text for more information about our gorgeous Powderpuff Persians!

Doll Face Persian kittens


  Call or Text   317-508-0376

Updated:  FEB 20, 2018

Mercedes and Beamer have Chinchilla and Shaded Silver kittens!!

Now accepting $500 deposits to save your very own little

Powderpuff Persian!


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​DOB: 02-07-18